Shifting of Reality in Italy

Stay whenever and as long as you want at this paradise-like place to experience a shift in consciousness, and as a portal to a new reality. Which dream would you like to allow to come into being?

Meetingplace in Umbria

Meet like minded people and discover what happens naturally by following synchronicity and spontaneity. Trust your intuition and allow amazing co-creations to emerge effortlessly, while you are having a great time together in the green heart of Italy.


Taste and experience the effect of participating in Sparkle Circles and other activities in our Sparkle Centre for a day.

Create Together

Spontaneously meeting new people who all have something in common? Create beautiful experiences here together.

Live Together

Relax in our Sparkle Oasis where time and space don’t exist for a while. Let yourself be inspired by all of us and enjoy nature.

About us and this initiative

Shared dreams that come together

When Mariëlle comes to Italy to lead a Sparkle Retreat, Heidi has already lived in this area of Italy for two years, together with her husband Koen. It was their shared dream to start and build a new and different life here. A life being lived from the heart and the NOW. Connected with themselves, each other, their surroundings and many other like minded people. Years ago they were led here and fell in love with the Soul of Umbria, which was very tangible to them immediately. A healing energy that has an effect on everyone who resides here for a while.

As it was the case with Mariëlle. Inspiration had made her decide to leave a month earlier for Italy. She felt that the place was calling her, that she wanted to be here and was open to everything that would happen as a result. She didn’t know where she was going to stay exactly. She left Holland with without a reservation but with the expectation that everything would unfold perfectly. Little did she know, she was about to land in a completely new reality, in just one week after arriving…

The conversations of Mariëlle and Heidi made them quickly realize that they had a shared dream. Their path of life showed many similarities. And their talents turned out to complement each other perfectly. Both had longed for a place where they could welcome people, on a basis of ultimate freedom. No restrictions, just following your Stream completely in every moment. And being an example of this for others, so that this lifestyle will be able to spread and develop continuously.

The location turned out to already be waiting for them. The owners wanted to work with them heartily and were completely ready to hand over the key to them. Suddenly the Sparkle Resort that Mariëlle had written about in an e-book 3 years earlier, had manifested.

Heidi and Mariëlle share the feeling that this place in Umbria is only the beginning of many more locations like this one. They happily contribute to helping them spread and look forward to meeting people who resonate with everything they have to share and offer. And who knows what will happen as an aftereffect of all these meetings!

Mariëlle Duijndam

“I enjoy playing with (your) perspectives, reality and consciousness, so that you can effortlessly receive what you wish and be fulfilled here and NOW. I daily lead a Sparkle Circle in the morning that offers space for questions and answers, silence, fun, connection, clarity, the allowing of life energy to flow and the increase of unconditional joy. Furthermore you can encounter me in daily life when you stay here and during all kinds of fun activities that I love to participate in too, of course. It’s so much fun to be able to live and work here!”

Heidi de Gols

“I enjoy playing in the field and connecting people on a basis of intuitive impulses, so that we can allow fantastic things to emerge together! Together with a team I organize all kinds of fun activities in the Sparklecentre and outings in the nearby area. Visiting vineyards, plucking grapes, fancy dinners, shopping at the bazaar, Italian cooking workshops, tasting local gastronomy, singing together, dancing, shopping, walking, a session or a trip with horses, a special crystal massage… all of this and many more things are possible.”

About our way of sharing

Possibilities to stay here

You can stay in two different ways with us in this Sparkle Paradise.

The most complete option is to stay with us inside the Sparkle Resort in one of the apartments, studio’s or rooms. There is space for about 25 people.

We will allow you into our daily lives and you will get the opportunity to take part in meditation- and yogameetings in the morning before breakfast. Besides that you will also be informed first about optional extra groupactivities and outings that will be organized in the afternoon and evenings. And you can also tell us about your ideas based on your personal preferences.

If there are no more vacancies in the Sparkle Resort, or you are already staying somewhere in the area and you just want to taste and discover what it’s like, then you can also choose a day-pass, possibly with a combination of lunch and dinner that day.

Just like the ones who stay at the Sparkle Resort, you will get the possibility to take part in the Sparkle Circles with Mariëlle in the morning and you can stay connected with others at the grounds and make use of facilities like the swimming pool. Also, when available, you can sign up for extra group activities in the afternoon or evening.

€100,- per day

“Experience the power of a Sparkle Circle, shifts in perspective and as a result also in your reality. Meet like minded people and discover what emerges naturally out of following synchronicity. Making use of facilities at the grounds is included. Top off your day-pass with a shared lunch for €25,- or lunch & dinner for €75,-  In case of availability you can also sign up for extra group activities/outings in the afternoon or evening.”

Let us know when you are planning on coming via the contact form below. A day-pass is obtainable at the reception in the morning between 09:00 and 10:00 AM. We ask you kindly to arrive in between these hours so that we can handle everything right away and take you seamlessly into the Flow of the day. 

€250,- per day & night

“Enjoy an all-inclusive stay with breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stays at our Sparkle Resort. Participation in Sparkle Circles, shared meditations, the use of Wi-Fi, the pool, bed linnen and cleaning of your room are included. Excluded are the optional groupactivities/outings in the afternoon and evening, in case there are extra costs connected.”

Let us know through the contact form when and for how long you are planning to come. During your stay you can decide for how long you really want to stay. We take reservations as less as possible, so that everyone can follow their inspirations in the moment. Exceptions are special theme- and focusweeks for which you can reserve a spot and prices are possibly also higher.


Gathering of Teachers

These words resonate with us


This is the Time of Awakening

Listen if you want, to the words of Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, in the audio fragment on the side. This intention is resonating strongly with ours. And whether you recognize yourself in it or not, you are warmly welcome! Because if you are feeling the impulse and the desire to come, then there is a reason for it.

“Aenean consectetur ipsum ante, vel egestas enim tincidunt quis. Pellentesque vitae congue neque, vel mattis ante.”

Jouw naam hier binnenkort?

Nog onbekend, Nog onbekend

“Aenean consectetur ipsum ante, vel egestas enim tincidunt quis. Pellentesque vitae congue neque, vel mattis ante.”

Jouw naam hier binnenkort?

Nog onbekend, Nog onbekend

“Aenean consectetur ipsum ante, vel egestas enim tincidunt quis. Pellentesque vitae congue neque, vel mattis ante.”

Jouw naam hier binnenkort?

Nog onbekend, Nog onbekend

“Aenean consectetur ipsum ante, vel egestas enim tincidunt quis. Pellentesque vitae congue neque, vel mattis ante.”

Jouw naam hier binnenkort?

Nog onbekend, Nog onbekend


Frequently Asked Questions

Good to know


How do I get there and what are your tips for travelling?

Perugia is the airport that is most nearby. From here it is about a 30 minute drive. Other options are Rome, Bologna and Florence. From there it’s about a 2 hour drive. After arrival at the airport you can rent a car from about €11,- per day, which you will be able to use during your stay here. Or you take the train or bus to a station nearby, such as Perugia, Sansepolcro or Umbertide. From here we would be able to pick you up.

Another possibility that we can certainly recommend, is to come by car. This way you’ll have your own transportation and you’ll be able to stay here in complete freedom. From the Netherlands and Belgium you can drive it in 2 days. A nice stop on the way is the Romantik hotel in Reutte – Austria. There you can enjoy the sauna and a nice steam bath and frisky continue the following day in the direction of Montone – Italy.

Keep in mind that there will be €39,- of toll costs in Italy and a vignet in Austria for €9,- which can be bought at a tankstation in Reutte.

Are you always open?

In short yes, but we are also following our Stream in the moment because nothing is better than following your intuition. Everything that comes from that is perfect in terms of meetings. The months of February and March we are closed and probably at a more tropical place like Bali or Thailand. If you are interested in joining us there, you can also contact us.

How can I contribute to this initiative?

This initiative offers a lot of opportunities to a lot of people. You might want to contribute with one of your talents or you have a wonderful idea that you would love to carry out here. Maybe you dispose in abundance of certain resources that we could use very well to develop this place and intention even further… We are open to everything!

If you feel the impulse, come and visit us, stay here for a day and we’ll see what happens effortlessly. We don’t have to figure it out and know it all in advance. If our energies are a match, then things will manifest while you are here. We like to be surprised in the moment.

Sparkle Internship

Are you dreaming of your own centre like this? Would you like to stay here for a longer period of time to help us with everything and to be in the presence of Mariëlle and Heidi? Would you like to join many Sparkle Circles so you will start to own this ‘way of working’? Would you like to become Sparkle Circle Facilitator? Would you like to become a part of the Sparkle Network, and perhaps be employable at many locations or just in your own neighborhood? It’s all part of the possibilities.

Contact us and share your desire. Next we will explain to you how a Sparkle Internship works and we will invite you to come here to get to know each other and to see how it goes for a couple of days. After that we will see what unfolds.

Sprankelcentrum Italië


Contact Us

Let us know when you want to come


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