Happiness so pure and simple,
so easy to forget.
This just can’t be it we say,
there must be something I must do.
For resting we not may.

Despite this inner knowing,
that truly free we are,
we keep on telling ourselves,
how truly bonded we are.

We must work and we must care,
for that which must be done,
so hopefully in the end we can rest,
when there is no more song to be sung.

But the freedom that we seek,
the happiness so bright and pure,
does not depend on anything,
that we think we need to endure.

True freedom is always here,
for those who dare to pause.
As scary as this may seem,
it’s for an unbelievable good cause.

Liberation beyond demand,
of what the mind asks of us,
now the ruler becomes the servant,
and nothing will be the same as it was.

Happiness can be your starting-off place,
no matter where you are,
though uncertainty can keep you hostage,
ultimate freedom is never far.

© Mariëlle Duijndam

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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Mariëlle Duijndam

Miss Moeiteloos | Sprankelparadijs Initiator | Wet van Aantrekking Specialist
Ik verken het leven vanuit de 5e dimensie en speel met de ongelimiteerde mogelijkheden van het magische kwantumveld waarin we leven. Ik ben de creator van het Sprankelparadijs, facilitator van Sprankelcirkels en aanbieder van diverse Sprankeldiensten en producten. Onze realiteit volgt ons voorbeeld, dus laten we er iets moois van maken!

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